Film Festival


4.00 P.M.

1368 Fulton & Marcy Sts. Brooklyn, NY 11216



On Sunday, August 21, the Guyana Film and Video Festival will feature CineGuyana 2011.  This session will showcase a selection of new documentaries and narrative  films produced in Guyana between 2010 and 2011 through an international partnership to upgrade mass communication and journalism education and training  at the Center for Communication Studies, University of Guyana.
The story behind  this dramatic development in Guyanese film making will be presented by Dr. Paloma Mohamed, Director, Center for Communication Studies, University of  Guyana.

HOPE:  12 minute, drama
about Ganesh, the son of a Hindu priest
who falls in love with Ayanna a destitute Afro- Guyanese dancer. But before their love can blossom she is brutally murdered. and Ganesh in response commits an act of desperation.
This film is written and Directed by Shaundell Phillips a school teacher from  Berbice. It is shot entirely on location in various parts of Berbice.

THE BACK YARD: 14 minutes.
This is a romantic comedy for  young people which explores the effects of technology on social relationships. A rising pop star moves in next door to a reclusive geek who makes her fall in love with him on facebook. When she discovers this duplicity sparks fly.
This film is directed by Denis Harris and was written by Denis Ward, Tiffany Vazquez and Denise Harris.

THREE CARDS: 12 minutes.
This is a family drama about a how far a father will go to save the life of his ailing daugter and how help can sometimes come from the most unexpected places.
This film is written and directed by Michael James who is a pump operator with the Guyana Water Authority in Linden. The film is shot entirely on location in Linden with a cast also from the area.

TRADITION: 11 minute cultural fiction.
A family is battling with personal loss and the anger that this brings while a young boy is trying to hold on to the traditions of his father and the yearnings of his heart. Through the cultural artifact of the Masquerade the past, present and future collide in a surprising end.
This film is Directed by Margaret Lawrence  written by Richard Pitman, Margaret Lawrence, Ayanna Waddell, Yaphet Jackman and Russell Lancaster based on a concept by Margaret Lawrence.  In the year  for People of African Descent,  it is a welcome moment in the preservation of Guyana’s Masquerade which is one of the few Afro based retentions in Guyana. Shot on the historic locations of The Theatre Guild, Girl Guides Pavilion and Tiger Bay.

BEACHED: 10 minute drama.
A man is grappling with the loss of his wife and child following a fire which claimed everything from him. At his lowest point he attempts to drown himself on the seawall when he hears his wife calling from the shore.
This is a story of love and redemption written and directed by Kojo Paris and shot on location at the Kingston Seawall in Georgetown.

LUCK BEAT HANDSOME: 11 minute comedy.
A rastaman who is down on his luck plays the numbers of his bad events and with some luck and help from his friends is able to win and turn his life and that of his family around.
This film is written and directed by Errol Chan and is shot on Location in Rasville, Georgetown and on the East Coast of Demerara.

THE ENCOUNTER: 10 minute camp-horror-comedy.
A love starved murderess haunts a hotel room looking for redemption in requited love of a living man. How this happens is a rollicking ride of fear and fun.
This film is written and directed by veteran film maker Bunny Alves and is shot in Georgetown.

THE BOTTLE: 9 minute fable.
This film reenacts in a period piece the myth of the “Bacoo” a Guyanese type genie in a bottle.  The daughter of  a poor farmer finds the enchanted bottle as he works the fields. The wily genie will grant any wish except he must have the young girls hand in marriage. Once his offer is rebuffed all hell breaks loose and the village obeah lady must be called to send him on his way.
This film is written and directed by school teacher Smolana Varzwyk from Essequibo and is shot entirely on location in Mahaicony, East Bank Demerara.

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